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Examples of Affirmations

One of the things we discuss during the programme is positive affirmations that we can read every day in order to help feel calm and confident for birth. 

As part of my programme, I print out lots of different affirmations for mums to use during pregnancy.  

Here are a few of my favourite affirmations which you are welcome to use! :-)  I recommend leaving them around the house so you can see them on a regular basis.  The more you read, the more they enter the subconscious!

My mind is so relaxed, confident and calm

I look forward to my baby's birth
I feel positive and calm whatever form my breathing takes
I welcome my  baby with love and delight
I practise profound relaxation, and I deepen my confidence and trust
I have chosen to be relaxed, calm and confident during labour
With each surge my breath is slow and deep, my body is relaxed, and my mind is calm
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