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I have had two sessions with Becca, the
most recent the day before my due date.
She is so lovely and informative. I felt
completely relaxed and heard, every
question, concern or anxiety I had around
labour/birthing she was able to answer, not
only with the facts but also with the greater
understanding of what my body will be
doing etc. And the reassurance that I 
Found the sessions therapeutic and calming
and helped me to start trusting my body
with the comforting knowledge of the
process of labour.
I also now have plenty of tips and ways to
boost my mood and create positive
thoughts and oxytocin during the early
stages of labour, which I am already putting
to good use.
would highly recommend 'be your own
birth', and I know Becca will be able to
answer any further questions I have. Thank
you for all your support. xx

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